Get Efficient was named a top Client Satisfaction Leader

At the annual ASI Innovations Conference held in early May, 2015
Get Efficient was named one of five top client satisfaction leaders among all service providers for 2014.


A top client satisfaction leader is chosen based on feedback directly from clients to ASI.  It is based on how satisfied clients are with the support, service, consulting and work that Get Efficient does throughout the year.  Being named one of the best to satisfy clients needs and business practices is a very important award as it exemplifies service and satisfied customers.

Brandie Fennell Duncan, the Get Efficient Chief Efficiency Officer, stated, "Out of all the awards this is the most important.  We work very hard at listening to client challenges, breaking them down into mapped business processes, then having the technology support the business.  We are very excited to win this award!"

Get Efficient asks all clients to find out if there ASI Approved Service Provider has won a Client Satisfaction Award.  Ask them!